Thursday, March 5, 2015

Whose Eyes are These?

Whose Eyes are These? 
by Marcia Byalick 
Language: English 
Black Rose Writing, 2015. 
118 p. 
ISBN: 161296463X ; 9781612964638 
Summary: Sloane, the best hip hop dancer in Lakeview Middle School, discovers her dad is not her biological father after he's diagnosed with leukemia, and doctors hopscotch over her to get the compatible, life-saving bone marrow he needs from her eight-year-old sister. The fallout from this news... anger at her parents for their secrecy, jealousy toward Emma, (their "real" child)... and most of all, intense curiosity about the mystery man responsible for her blue eyes... leads Sloane to make questionable alliances and take uncomfortable risks. Sloane's unhappiness infects how she handles the job she's most proud of... choreographer of the seventh grade talent show. As she figures out exactly how important what's inherited is in creating who she is, she moves from assigning blame and regains confidence in her role as a daughter. Along the way she gains a better understanding of forgiveness, loyalty and the unbreakable bonds of love.