Monday, April 30, 2012

Spenderkind (Donor Child)

by Katrin Stehle
Language: German
Stuttgart : Gabriel Verlag/Thienemann, 2012.
237 pp.
ISBN: 9783522302845; 3522302842
Summary from Google Translate: Lina has great parents and her friend Julian. She is envied by many. But a day can change EVERYTHING. The day when Lina learns that her father is not her biological father. Is he really still your father? And as if that were not confusing enough, Lina feels suddenly attracted to Nick as well as to Julian. What matters more - the old or the new, the genes or the emotions? Lina has to find out necessarily where it belongs. A book about love, family ties and the search for identity.
Interview with the author:§ion=2&av=3&Itemid=11&view=interview&interid=74